Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best of Broadway season annouced

Read about it here.

The Season:

The Color Purple: fall 2007
A Midsummer Night's Dream: spring 2008
The Wiz: summer 2008
The Drowsy Chaperone: summer 2008
One show: to be announced

Hm. Well, I do have a hankering to see The Color Purple, but mostly because Fantasia is playing Celie on Broadway right now.

The Wiz? Um, no real appeal...especially after recently having my eyeballs burned out of their sockets by accidentally coming across the movie version on TV a couple of weeks ago.

I've heard The Drowsy Chaperone is really entertaining and hilarious, especially for theatre folk, so surprisingly that might be the most appealig show of the bunch.

Except, of course, the piquant and titillating to be announced! Oh, the promise, the potential!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More 2007-2008 seasons announced

This time it's:

San Jose Stage Company: here

San Francisco's Magic Theatre: here

The Magic's season is comprised entirely of world that's operating without a net! They're mitigating the risk of entirely new seaons with some star power, though. Actor Bill Pullman has created and directed their season opener, Expedition 6; Rebecca Gilman is a fairly renowned playwright, and Tir Na Nog practically sounds like Riverdance with more depth ;)

SJ Stage's season is a bit more safe, featuring The Diary of Anne Frank, Glengarry Glen Ross, and heaven forbid, A Tuna Christmas.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tony Award Nominations are up

Right here:

Nothing too surprising. Looks like Spring Awakening lead actress Lea Michele got gypped out of a Tony nom because the voters had the usual stars in their eyes.

I've only seen a handful of the shows nominated, so I shouldn't really comment, but I still hope Spring Awakening pulls an Avenue Q, wins a bunch of awards, and shows there's some youthful, modern life in the Great White Way!

Your thoughts?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Local theatre reviews

Unfortunately, they're all of shows that have closed or are closing today. If I was a real-live reviewer I'd be sure to go to things on their opening weekends and post my reviews within 24 hours, eh?

(And as soon as somebody pays me to write my reviews and gives me all my theatre tickets for free I'll go ahead and do just that!!)

Last night I saw 42nd St. Moon's The Gay Divorce, by Cole Porter, and that review can be found here.

Two weekends ago I had a double-theatre weekend and saw AMT's Smoky Joe's Cafe and TheatreWorks' Merrily We Roll Along, and those mini-reviews are here.

I wish I could be kinder, but in one case I don't see much value in the kind of piece it was, and in the other case, even though I'd love to love the piece, the truth is that I don't, especially when it isn't done particularly well.

It was an ouchy theatre weekend, what can I say?

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