Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best of Broadway season annouced

Read about it here.

The Season:

The Color Purple: fall 2007
A Midsummer Night's Dream: spring 2008
The Wiz: summer 2008
The Drowsy Chaperone: summer 2008
One show: to be announced

Hm. Well, I do have a hankering to see The Color Purple, but mostly because Fantasia is playing Celie on Broadway right now.

The Wiz? Um, no real appeal...especially after recently having my eyeballs burned out of their sockets by accidentally coming across the movie version on TV a couple of weeks ago.

I've heard The Drowsy Chaperone is really entertaining and hilarious, especially for theatre folk, so surprisingly that might be the most appealig show of the bunch.

Except, of course, the piquant and titillating to be announced! Oh, the promise, the potential!

Did you see? The TBA slot has been filled by Spring Awakening.
No way! How exciting...although I know it's not your cup of tea :)
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