Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jane Fonda and her Broadway Blog

Have you heard that Jane Fonda is back on Broadway (after 45 years) and that she's blogging it?

Now, it's not such a surprise as you may think. Fonda has always been plugged into media. Not just because of her marriage to Ted Turner. No, she also has been either a founder or founding board member of a couple of women's oriented media companies...the late Greenstone Media and the current Women's Media Center, most notably.

The site includes various features, including a slide show of personal photos you likely haven't seen before, but the intriguing part for this blog's audience is her blog from backstage of her new Broadway show, 33 Variations.

I think Fonda has taken to her blog like a duck to will she keep it up? Come raves or pans? Come closing night? Who knows, but I'm enjoying it.

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