Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Note to self: never be this person

You've heard of "What Not To Wear"? This would be "What Not To Leave on an Answering Machine":

Listen to this person's voicemail and let's guess whether the director she was calling ever called her back.

No idea if this is for real, but's funny.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reviews coming in for "Rent"

As always the NY Times wins the award for most beautifully written review.

And Entertainment Weekly has done us the favor of compiling links to reviews from around the country, including the Merc's unfavorable one.

The most personal review: My brother and sister-in-law got to go to the movie premiere in New York last week. Their kids go to the same school as director Chris Columbus' kids, and every year he donates some movie-oriented prize to the annual school benefit. My sis-in-law bid on and won the package to go to the premiere (and the after-party.)

Their comments:

Bro: "I've never seen the show, but I would say the movie was very well done, around half the songs (mostly those that didn't rock out) are very good to great, and the plot was a bit meandering and didn't move me to anywhere near the extent rentheads generally seem to be moved. On the whole cast/age thing, I would say idina had the biggest "too old" issue. I'm hopeful that the collins/angel relationship may actually be palatable for middle america."

Sis-in-law: "I think the Tom/Angel relationship didn't ring true to me at all. At the beginning, it seemed satirical, as if they were making fun of it. I agree with the rest of your brother's comments."

But perhaps the most telling review of all: My sister-in-law has loaded a newly minted picture of herself with Jesse L. Martin at the after-party as her cell phone's new wallpaper!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another reason to hit NYC soon

So, I've been jones'ing for the new Sweeney. And there's a Darwin Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History that sounds terrific too. Now, Groovelily is bringing Striking 12 to NYC for the holidays.

I saw Striking 12 at TheatreWorks last year and really enjoyed. So much so I promptly bought the CD. Since then I also went and saw them play at the Little Fox theatre this summer. The show is charming, funny and poignant.

I don't usually like to head East in the winter, California native that I am, but with the trio of special events listed above I'm feeling the NYC itch.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sondheim Salute in San Francisco

His birthday may have been months ago, but I guess it's a year-long celebration!

Here's the info on what looks to be a pretty good line-up of Sondheim saluters!

A 75th Birthday Salute

Monday, December 5, 2005 at 7:30 PM
in Kanbar Hall at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3200 California Street 415.292.1233

A Benefit for Theatre Bay Area's Mary Mason Memorial Lemonade Fund.

Special guest performers: Lisa Vroman and Judy Butterfield

Stephen Sondheim has graciously assisted with this project, and it will be featuring some of his lesser-known and, in some cases, unpublished works.

Please visit our website at for more information or to purchase tickets.

Broadway radio show returns to San Francisco air waves

After a "hiatus", the Broadway's Biggest Hits radio show is back in the Bay Area, and in a prime time slot. It can be heard on the Quake, 960 AM (home of Air America during the day) on Sunday evenings from 7-9PM.

Check out more info on the show at their web site

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My review of AMT's West Side Story

Can be found on my personal blog.

I even mention our very own Ray Renati!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Job Opening: SFSU Technical Director

Thanks to Annette Lai from 42nd St. Moon for the info:

Position: Technical Director - Theatre Arts

Rank: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Start Date: Fall Semester 2006

Deadline: Until position is filled

Qualifications: Strong professional and academic background, with MFA degree or equivalent in Technical Theatre. Candidate must have thorough understanding of tools and materials, stagecraft, and rigging in all technical areas, including scenery, properties, lighting, sound, projections and special effects. Computer literacy, familiarity with Vectorworks, Autocad, and other CAD programs. As a teacher, must be a well-organized leader of and nurturing mentor to both undergraduate and MFA design and technical students. As a colleague must be a collaborator and adaptable to the requirements of the academic environment.

Check out the SFSU HR site for more info.

Friday, November 04, 2005

A recap of other Sweeney reviews

Is here.

Beautifully written review of the new Sweeney in NY Times

Ben Brantlee outdoes himself with this review of the new Sweeney Todd.

Oh, and the show sounds pretty good too. Making me wonder if I should have caught a preview of this when I was in NY a couple of weeks ago, instead of The Light in the Piazza

After all, the 1979 original production of Sweeney still stands as the most amazing theatrical experience I have ever had.


News Flash: Some Urinetown casting

Some Foothill regulars are back on board to play some of the principles in the upcoming winter production of Urinetown:

Robert Brewer, who was so good as Younger Brother in the Summer 2004 production of Ragtime is on tap to play Bobby Strong. This is the role that Hunter Foster played on Broadway, back when the Foster siblings owned Broadwa (sister Sutton was starring in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the same time.)

Robert's real-life squeeze, Jessica Carroll is playing, no, not his love interest, but Little Sally...the absolutely hysterical character who along with Officer Lockstock serves as a very twisted Greek Chorus for the show.

So, who does get to be the apple of Robert's eye in this production? None other than Brigadoon's own Alicia Teeter...she of the funeral dance that broke your heart. Obviously a triple threat, since Hope is a singing role, not particularly a dancing role.

Lastly, Robert will be harangued by his on-stage mom, Linda Piccone.I'm sure you remember Linda...she of the Old Lady with one buttock in Candide, and other suitably crazy roles.

Sounds like a terrific cast! Can. Not. Wait.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Foothill Alum out in the world: Ray Renati

Foothill regular Ray Renati is playing a couple of the very few adult roles in AMTSJ's production of West Side Story.

Yes that one. Starring American Idol's Diana DeGarmo as Maria.

Here's what Ray has to say abot it:

"I hope you can come to see WESTSIDE STORY at American Musical Theatre of San Jose. I am playing two of the adult roles - Schrank and Gladhand. The show features Diana DeGarmo of AMERICAN IDOL fame in the the role of Maria. The rest of the cast includes a number of professional actors, singers and dancers with Broadway experience.

It should be a great show !

The run of the show is only two weeks long, beginning tonight November 1 , and running through November 13. You can get tickets by visiting the AMTSJ web site.

The box office phone number is 1-888-455-7469.

I'm seeing it on November 6th and will post, as always, my review on my personal blog.

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