Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: Tommy at the Ray of Light Theatre

The review is posted over at my personal blog.

Have you seen it?

Did you see the Broadway production? (I did, and I confess I didn't really get the Michael Cerveris brouhaha!)

Do you have fond memories of the Ken Russell movie? (I do, and looking back I'm shocked that my parents let me see that movie as an 11-year old!) You know you've seen the movie if your first thought about "Tommy" has something to do with baked beans, right?

Check the Ray of Light web site for more info on buying tickets. The show plays through november 7th.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Review: Schoolhouse Rocks Live at the Retro Dome

They've extended Schoolhouse Rocks Live at the Retro Dome for another week, so my review can still have some meaning!

Two sentence review if you're too lazy to click: Nostalgic for grown-ups like me, while apparently still entertaining and effective for the many kids in the audience. Definition of family entertainment right there.

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