Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Karen Ziemba, a personal favorite...and I have to miss it!

What are you doing next Thursday night?

Because Karen Ziemba, one of my favorite musical theatre performers, is coming to town to do a tribute to John Kander for 42d Street Moon, and I'm going to be in NYC that week.

So, I really think all of you should attend in my absence, and then come leave comments on how it was.

And your answer will be "stellar", I am sure.

I first remember seeing Ziemba in a Sondheim Celebration televised on PBS. She sang "Sonner or Later" from Dick Tracy, to a flummoxed Bill Irwin. She was hot hot hot.

She may not be singing Sondheim at "And All that Jazz" next week, but hey, it's Kander, as in Kander & Ebb. I think it's safe to expect other hot, hot, hot numbers :)

WHAT: And All That Jazz, a tribute to John Kander
WHO: 42nd Street Moon, featuring Karen Ziemba and Noah Racey
WHEN: Thursday, January 27th, 7PM
WHERE: The Alcazar Theatre, San Francisco

Check it out.

And make me green with envy.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Spiderman delayed again

Given I wrote about my concerns about the Broadway production of the new Spiderman musical, I thought I'd keep you posted that they've delayed their opening yet again. Another month.

It's kind of ridiculous. By the time they open (if they open) they will have had more previews than any other show in history.

But meanwhile they're charging full price for every ticket.

I'm going to NYC in a couple of weeks, but I'm not planning to try to see it. I'll let it run for some time without injury first!

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