Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two more local theatre reviews

It was a busy theatre weekend for me, and you can read what I thought in my reviews on my personal blog.

Broadway by the Bay's Miss Saigon (Spoiler alert: I really, really don't like this show in general, and only saw it because a really good friend had a really big part.)

BusBarn's Tic, Tick...Boom, Jonathan Larson's pre-Rent autobiographical one-act musical in a rare production.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Review: AMT's Sweet Charity

I saw the show on Sunday, and here is my review.

Bottom line:

Molly is winsome.

Fosse is much-missed.

Comedy was the strong point of the production.

But - Molly cannot dance. At. All.

Anyone else out there see it?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Foothill Alum out in the world: Ray Renati

Ray Renati is on to his next show (the man is a serial actor...seriously who does more shows than Ray?)

Here are the deets:


WHERE: Dragon Theatre at 535 Alma Street, Palo Alto, CA

WHEN: Sept. 21 – Oct. 15, 2006

WHO: Shannon Stowe, Ray Renati, Mary Lou Torre, Blake Maxim, Kalon Thibodeaux, Bob May

Online: The Dragon Theatre online box office
Phone: 650-493-2006

HOW MUCH: $10-$15, not including a small service fee

MORE ABOUT THE SHOW (according to Ray): Steve Martin, the famous comic, actor and writher, adapted and transformed the Sternheim play of 1911 called "Die Hose." He gave it a modern sensibility and enhanced the woman's place in the household as a sexual being. Since its New York premiere, it has been produced all over the world. Martin has transformed a play originally about the the decline of the bourgeois, into a play about our American obsession with fame.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Local performers featured on new Sondheim tribute album

Earlier this year several local performers performed in a Sondheim revue called Simply Sondheim in honor of his 75th birthday. I guess they've made a recording of the program, which is available here.

Some of my buddies from 42nd St. Moon, notably Steve Rhyne and Stephanie Rhoads, are featured.

The song selections range from as few of the most familiar Sondheim tunes to many of the lesser-known. The site also features links to listen to some clips from some of the numbers.

So, check it out if you're a Sondheim fan (and really, who isn't?)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are these your top 25 movie musicals of all time?

The AFI continued its cottage industry of creating "Top" lists that weren't really needed, so that they can create a future TV show about it. The current list? The 25 Greatest Movie Musicals (Source: Reuters):

Number one was Singin' in the Rain".

The Top 10:
Singin' in the Rain
West Side Story
The Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins
the 1954 "A Star Is Born
My Fair Lady
An American in Paris
Meet Me in St. Louis

The remaining 15 films are "The King & I," "Chicago," "42nd Street," "All that Jazz," "Top Hat," "Funny Girl," "The Band Wagon," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "On the Town," "Grease," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," Walt Disney's 1991 "Beauty and the Beast," "Guys and Dolls," 1936's "Showboat" and "Moulin Rouge!"

Any missing musicals?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Friends of the Foothill Blogger out in the world :)

OK, so I don't think Annie Donahey has actually done a show at Foothill, but she and her dad Scott are friends of this blogger and of theatre blogs in general, so they're getting a plug for their current show:

WHAT: West Side Story (one of the best shows every...definitely in my top 10 of all time.)
WHERE: Sunnyvale Community Players
WHEN: Opens next week on Friday September 15th and runs for four weekends, through Sunday October 8th.


Box Office phone number: 408-733-6611

Web Site: SCP's West Side Story

Annie, who did a terrific job as The Kid in 42nd St. Moon's The Roar of the Greasepaint... is playing Anybodys and her dad Scott is playing Doc. How cute is that?

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