Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tony Award Nominations are up

Right here:

Nothing too surprising. Looks like Spring Awakening lead actress Lea Michele got gypped out of a Tony nom because the voters had the usual stars in their eyes.

I've only seen a handful of the shows nominated, so I shouldn't really comment, but I still hope Spring Awakening pulls an Avenue Q, wins a bunch of awards, and shows there's some youthful, modern life in the Great White Way!

Your thoughts?

I go to school in Boston, so I had the pleasure of seeing all of the eligable shows this year. My favorite was Curtains. I'm pulling for it big time. I wasn't as fond about Spring Awakening. That being said, it certainly was better than LoveMusik which was shockingly bad.

The Best revival this year, was The Apple Tree. Im very upset that Kristin Chenoweth was not nominated. 110 was also very good. Since, Apple Tree has been long forgotten im hoping that 110 takes that prize. Chorus Line is great, but just a recreation. Company was very dull. The whole time I just wanted the cast to drop the musical instraments and just DO Company.
Ooh, thanks for weighing in. Being out here in california I don't talk to too many people who have seen all the shows! You are lucky indeed.

You're about the only person I've heard who liked The Apple Tree!

They're bringing the John Doyle version of Sweeney to ACT this year, which I'm dying to see, but interesting take on Company. I chose to see grey gardens instead of Company last time I was in town...and didn't like it much, so I was regretting that decision.
I just got back from a weekend in New York, and I saw Spring Awakening (among others). Sorry to say, I didn't like it - at all.

110 In The Shade was amazing, as was Audra McDonald's performance - it's the best thing I've seen her do (and I've seen her in lots, although I missed her in Master Class).

My favorite show of the weekend, though, was one of the plays - and it didn't even get nominated for best play. Coram Boy was absolutely incredible, and it's closing this weekend.

But apparently I'm out of step with everyone else.
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