Friday, November 04, 2005

News Flash: Some Urinetown casting

Some Foothill regulars are back on board to play some of the principles in the upcoming winter production of Urinetown:

Robert Brewer, who was so good as Younger Brother in the Summer 2004 production of Ragtime is on tap to play Bobby Strong. This is the role that Hunter Foster played on Broadway, back when the Foster siblings owned Broadwa (sister Sutton was starring in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the same time.)

Robert's real-life squeeze, Jessica Carroll is playing, no, not his love interest, but Little Sally...the absolutely hysterical character who along with Officer Lockstock serves as a very twisted Greek Chorus for the show.

So, who does get to be the apple of Robert's eye in this production? None other than Brigadoon's own Alicia Teeter...she of the funeral dance that broke your heart. Obviously a triple threat, since Hope is a singing role, not particularly a dancing role.

Lastly, Robert will be harangued by his on-stage mom, Linda Piccone.I'm sure you remember Linda...she of the Old Lady with one buttock in Candide, and other suitably crazy roles.

Sounds like a terrific cast! Can. Not. Wait.

The rest of the cast has been announced.

Bobby Strong: Robert Brewer
Hope Cladwell: Alicia Teeter
Officer Lockstock: David Curley
Little Sally: Jessica Carrol
Penelope Pennywise: Linda Piccone
Caldwell B. Cladwell: Mike Padilla
Hot Blades Harry: Justin Weatherby
Becky Two Shoes: Soila Munoz
Officer Barrel: Michael Rhone
Old Man Strong: Todd Wright
Josephine Strong: Ruth E. Mullins
Senator Fipp: Steve Completo
Mrs. Millennium: Molly Carter
Tiny Tom: Jeff Edmonds
Robbie the Stockfish: Brandon Hemmig
Billy Boy Bill: John Bridges
Soupy Sue: Karyne Levy
Mr. McQueen: Dave Mialovich
Dr. Billeux: Gregg Zigler
Nurse Schott: Heather Orth
Cladwell's Secretary: Diane Milo
Ensemble: Doug Brees, Jessica Coker, Joe Hege, Kendra Holt, Peggy Lynch, Kathleen Mulready, Shane Ray, Annette Stenger, Monica Turner
Thanks Anonymous. Great cast!
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