Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Foothill Alum out in the world: Ray Renati

Foothill regular Ray Renati is playing a couple of the very few adult roles in AMTSJ's production of West Side Story.

Yes that one. Starring American Idol's Diana DeGarmo as Maria.

Here's what Ray has to say abot it:

"I hope you can come to see WESTSIDE STORY at American Musical Theatre of San Jose. I am playing two of the adult roles - Schrank and Gladhand. The show features Diana DeGarmo of AMERICAN IDOL fame in the the role of Maria. The rest of the cast includes a number of professional actors, singers and dancers with Broadway experience.

It should be a great show !

The run of the show is only two weeks long, beginning tonight November 1 , and running through November 13. You can get tickets by visiting the AMTSJ web site.

The box office phone number is 1-888-455-7469.

I'm seeing it on November 6th and will post, as always, my review on my personal blog.

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