Sunday, July 18, 2004

Checking Back with Foothill Stalwart Doug

A while back I was having an email exchange with FMT stalwart Doug (he of the 10th summer show in a row.)

I was asking him what part of the rehearsal process he liked the most.

Some people love the early rehearsal period, when everything is an experiment and nothing is nailed down. I'm one of those who would love to show up at half hour on Opening Night and be ready to go.

Doug seems to fall more on my end of the spectrum, as you can tell from this comment:

"Ordinarily I am one of those people who would prefer to be cast in the show and then "see you Opening Night!", but grudgingly acknowledges that since none of us can blink our eyes or twitch our nose and magically have a production, we have to rehearse. In a few shows, I thoroughly enjoy the rehearsal process, and "Ragtime" seems to be one of those shows. When you have assembled a cast where everyone is really on the same page and ready to roll up their sleeves and work to produce a top-quality production, it's a pleasure to be in rehearsal. That's what rehearsals have been like this time. We all seem to be having a good time while putting in the work and effort- at least at this point! Check back with me during Hell Week...!"

OK, Doug: it's Hell Week!

I'm checking back...still so perky? ;)

I would like to say Doug is one thing that I look forward to summer after summer. Ragtime is only my 4th summer show, but I feel like I have been there forever. Each summer I come back from my far off school to meet up with the family that is FMT. I come back to all the inside jokes and the personalities that come with it and I smile. I hope to come back next summer to see faces old and new, but always the warm environment that is FMT. But now, we concentrate at the task at hand, perfecting the already wonderful show we have and meshing it with the technical aspects. To all a good show.

Eric Wu
Tech Crew
Thanks, Eric, it is a pleasure to work with you as well! Ok, so I'm checking in, after the fact. From the tales you've heard, most of us weren't so perky during Tech weekend, but everyone pulled through, no matter how tired, bored, or frustrated, and the results show in the final production, so it was definitely worth it. All of our adventures in heat prostration, dehydration, quick-change frustrations, etc. are overwritten (at least for me) by the rewards given back to us over the footlights by the audience. This really is a remarkable show to be involved with, and was worth the effort. What a privilege to be a part of this cast- they are all dedicated, talented performers! -Doug (the stalwart)
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