Saturday, June 19, 2004

A New Winner of "Most Shows at Foothill"

Ensemble member Doug Brees was on a pre-planned 2-week vacation to the UK (rough life, you know?) and so wasn't able to pipe in until now and let me know how many shows he has done at Foothill.

And I hate to break it to Joe Colletti, but he has lost his briefly-held title as the one with the most Foothill shows under his belt.

Brees has been in an astonishing 15 Foothill shows, and even more impressive...this is his 10th summer production in a row!

I'll let Doug tell us why in his own words:

"While I didn't set out to be the guy in every summer production, it has just worked out that way. I come back because I feel that Jay puts together interesting ensembles every year, and that he basically does it from scratch because, while there are repeat "offenders" such as myself, he really doesn't have a repertory cast to pull from. The quality of the productions has been consistently high, and I pride myself on the awards we have won through our hard work. We are definitely a cut above the average theater, and we exemplify the fact that in non-profit theater, it is truly the heart that fuels the production, and not the motivation for profit (though that never hurts.)"

All I can say is 'Wow'!

I met Doug during his first show at Foothill - Music Man, wasn't it? I believe I was the A.D.. Does that count as 10 or 11 years? Anyway, congrats from New York Doug!

Mary! Wow! Thanks for the congrats. It's the 11th summer show in a row, but the 10th year, that whole weird calendar thing! And yes, it was "Music Man", so it's Annette Stenger's "10th/11th year" as well! Hope you're doing well.
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