Saturday, October 30, 2010

42nd Street Moon's Next Opening: West Coast Premiere of Murder for Two

It's a first for 42nd Street Moon (on whose board I sit). They're actually producing a West Coast premiere of a new musical, Murder for Two.

Here's the official scuttlebutt:

Join us for the West Coast Premiere of this hilarious new musical! Take two parts Agatha Christie, mix with one part old-fashioned musical comedy, add a dash of 21st century flair, and you've got Murder For Two, A Killer Musical.

An inspector arrives at an old, dark house to solve a murder and encounters a host of eccentric and cunning suspects. The twist? One actor plays the inspector, the other plays all 13 suspects, and they both play the piano!

It sounds like a great combo of a murder mystery, musical, and novelty play featuring multi-tasking Greater Tuna.

If you want to learn more, from the horses' mouths so to speak, here are some interviews with the creators on the 42nd Street Moon blog.

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