Monday, September 13, 2010

Broadway by the Bay moving for 2011 season!

Just got a press release from Broadway By the Bay, and in addition to announcing their new season, they anounced that they're going to bring live theater back to the Fox Theatre in downtown Redwood City.

Peninsula Center Stage used to perform there before they disappeared.

BBB's current home is a former high school auditorium, and while it's not a bad facility, it is kind of off the beaten path and doesn't have a ton of character. The Fox, conversely, is right in the middle of a revitalized RWC downtown, and has all the character in the world. I wonder if it's been refurbished a bit though...I think it had seen better days, and its backstage isn't exactly roomy and well-equipped.

And traffic/parking downtown should get even more annoying, I'm guessing!

But all for a good cause.

Now, I wish BBB's new season was more enthralling to me...Forever Plaid, Gypsy and The Music Man are not at the top of the list of shows I need to see yet again in my life.

But I'm probably likely to see more BBB productions at this new location, than I was to go up to San Mateo.

How about you?

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