Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre hit with two tragic blows in just over two short months

As if this economic environment isn't enough (and as a board member of 42nd Street Moon, I know exactly how hard theatres are working for every dollar) the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre in San Francisco is going through even more devastating hard times.

Back in April one of the show's co-founders and its Executive Director Quentin Easter died.

A month ago the Bay Citizen chronicled how Easter's co-founder, companion and the theatre's Artistic Director, Stanley E. Williams, was recovering from cancer surgery, while trying to cope with the loss of Easter and the theatre's economic hard times.

A poignant quote from Williams in that piece states, "People are telling me to rest. But if I do that, we’ll soon be forgotten because we’re an African-American theater company."

Let's hope he's not right, because sadly Williams too succumbed to cancer last Friday.

The link to their press room says it all: The last two pieces of news from the company both start with the words "In Memoriam".

Williams had a long, storied career, and perhaps this will create a rallying cry in the theatre and philanthropic community to not let the LHT fade away...after all, what could be a less fitting tribute than to let that happen?

If you want to help their Fundraising page is here.

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