Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So, in keeping with my theatre-loserdom...

...I slept right through the Tony awards this year :(

At 7:30 I was lying on the couch thinking, "Oh, awesome, I'm actually home and can watch the Tonys as they happen...well, tape-delayed for the West Coast anyway..."

At 12:30AM I woke up on the couch. Tony-less.


It sounds like it was a fun one too, what with the Glee element. Yes, I like Glee...while it started out painting really shrill stereotypical characterizations, particularly of the women characters, the episodes deepened over the season, until Glee was delivering some of the best dramatic moments on TV.

I also hear Sean Hayes was charming. I was wondering if there would be any references to the Newsweek dust-up, and I guess there was at least one.

This is probably the first year I missed watching the Tonys in I don't know how long. Even though I rarely have seen any of the productions anymore I still love watching, so bummer for me.

What did you think of them?


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