Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tony nominations announced

Full listing here.

One really striking thing I noticed: Have they ever had so few musicals to choose from that one of the (only) four nominations for Best Original Score has been background score of a play????

Happy to hear any explanation about why that's not a sad statement about the state of the American musical today.

Also kind of interesting to me how Broadway is clearly a favorite destination of "serious" Hollywood actors right now. And Broadway producers, faced with mounting budgets, are gobbling that opportunity up to get a big name on their marquee. Lots of the Leading Actor/Actress nominations are folks better known for film.

"American Idiot" score a Best Musical nod, and some technical nominations, but nothing for actors or direction or book. And it wasn't eligible for score, since the songs were all already recorded.

Of course we're long past the days when I would have seen most (or even any) of these shows. I have no dog in the hunt, no opinion really.

How about you?


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