Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Closing weekend for Sunnyvale Community Players' "Urinetown"

Little know fact: I grew up in Sunnyvale and did more than my fair share of time with the Sunnyvale Community Players. I was in a couple of their Junior shows, then played piano for a couple of more. And long ago they used to do "Young Adult" productions (meaning high school and college age mostly) during the summer, and I did three of those in a row.

I'm actually not sure I ever did a regular old Adult production, now that I think of it, although I did spend a last-minute evening playing in the pit for "Oliver"!

This is all a preface to say that I hear tell their production of "Urinetown" is closing this weekend, and that it's pretty damn good. I know several of the folks in it, and looks like they have a good cast. The reviews on Artsopolis certainly support that!

I love "Urinetown", so if you're free this weekend and looking for something to do, it's your last chance!

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