Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Tap App!

OK, I'll bite.

I get a lot of PR pitches for some of my blogs, but not really this one. I guess theatre really is a niche subject. So, when I do get one, I definitely take a look. And sometimes, I bite.

Former Bay Area resident Eli Newsom runs a site called Tap Dance Made Easy, and now they have introduced the Tap App.

It includes both visuals and textual descriptions of the various tap steps.

Now, there are a couple of other tap apps, but one is more of a glossary of terms without the visuals, and the other seems to want to tech you to tap via stick figure drawing. (I know, don't ask me.)

So, for those of you who have always wanted to be the next Gregory Hines or the next Ann Miller, this app seems like a low-risk way to start your journey.

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