Monday, September 14, 2009

Tommy, can you hear me?

Looking back now I'm shocked that my parents let me see the movie Tommy. I was 11 when it came out. And there are drug references. And molestation references. And Ann-Margaret rolling around in baked beans. Seriously, did they not care about warping me at all? Not only did I see the movie, but I bought the soundtrack and listened to it non-stop. That and the Star Wars soundtrack were in constant rotation, and since I saw each movie multiple times, I could picture the movies go by in my head as I listened.

What a geek, eh?

35 years later, and 40 years after the album was first performed at Woodstock, a local theatre company is putting on the Broadway musical version of Tommy (which I did in its Broadway incarnation), and since my S.O. has never seen this version, of course we're going to go.

So, any of you into Tommy?

WHAT: The Who's Tommy
WHERE: Ray of Light Theatre Co.
Victoria Theatre, (16th & Mission) in San Francisco
WHEN: October 16 – November 7, 2009

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