Sunday, June 07, 2009

Are you watching the Tony's tonight?

Yet another year goes by in which I saw NONE of the nominated performances or productions. :(

I just spent all of last week in NYC and didn't have a spare evening to catch a show. I got some low-down from one of my local buddies about his thoughts (loved Hair, loved Alice Ripley).

The New York Times has a special Tony section, including a run-down of who has the best odds of winning.

Also, wrote a little post over at my green blog about how they're trying to "green" Broadway and the Tony Awards. If you're into the green movement at all, it's an interesting look at how even an old institution, working out of old buildings, with old traditions, can still work towards environmental responsibility.

But tonight I'll be watching as a complete outside observer, with no dog in the hunt, so to speak.

Except this (and feel free to call me a killjoy): I absolutely cannot wrap my head around this idea of nominating all three boys that play Billy Elliott to win the Best Actor in a Musical award.

See, there is a rule that you have to play a certain # of performances per week to qualify for a nomination. And since there are three of them splitting the role, none of them play it often enough to qualify.

To me, that should have been end of story, but no, they nominated all three to win the single award.

And I find it ridiculous. Anyone with me?

That's about all the pre-Tony commentary I about you?

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