Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spending my Sunday at the Moon

Later this afternoon I'm heading up to see a run-through of 42nd Street Moon's newest show, Wildcat. The Moon has this nice tradition where the Sunday before Opening, two board members provide dinner for the cast and crew, who will be in the middle of a very long day.

It's a way to let the cast and crew know that the theatre supports them and is invested in their success. This will be my first time providing dinner, and I'm hoping everyone will be cool with the fact that I'm providing a vegan dinner from Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant. (Of course I told management that I was bringing the vegan.)

I've never worked at another theatre where they did this, and in fact I don't think they did this back in the 90s when I did shows there. It's a nice touch.

The 42nd Street Moon blog has an interview with Wildcat star Maureen McVerry up right now, and she points out something else that has become rare amongst theatre companies:

"The Moon is such a positive company. It has a very refreshing attitude about putting on shows and retains a sense of joy and community that other theater companies don’t have. Come to think of it, I don’t know of other companies that even practice communal vocal warm-ups."

I think some community theatres must still do group warm-ups, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Moon is a rarity amongst professional theatre companies.

Anyway, I've never seen Wildcatand know very little about it except that it features the famous song "Hey, Look Me Over!". Looking forward to a fun afternoon/evening getting an early look at it!

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