Saturday, May 09, 2009

A chance to represent for the Arts at San Jose City Hall this Tuesday

Got an interesting email from the San Jose Stage Company asking for our local community to stand up and represent for the arts at a San jose City Council meeting this Tuesday:

Please join San Jose Stage Company and fellow members of the San Jose Arts Alliance* to make a visual statement in support of Arts Funding at the 7pm session of the San Jose City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 12th at San Jose City Hall.

Our goal is to mobilize as many Board members, staff, artists, and supporters of San Jose arts organizations to attend the Public Hearing on the Proposed Operating & Capital Budget for FY09-10.

At the May 7th Budget Study Session, District 3 Council member Sam Liccardo, who is also our Arts Commission Liaison, proposed that the City look for ways to shore up funding for arts organizations, like San Jose Stage Company and other members of the Alliance. Other council members supported this proposal.

As a follow-up we need to show a major presence at the 7pm session of the May 12th Council Meeting.
  • Wear a black shirt

  • We will provide a sticker with a red letter A that says "Support SJ Arts."

  • If you really want to speak you can, but the main goal is to present a visual representation to the City Council regarding the number of constituents who support the arts.

  • Our message is simple -- the Arts add value to our city and we are requesting that the City find ways to shore up the declining TOT - Transient Occupancy Tax (hotel tax) to ensure our grants remain at the current levels.


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