Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Quite a rave review for Broadway revival of Hair

I'm not remembering the last time I heard Ben Brantley axing quite so rhapsodic as in his review of the revival of Hair. This is a production that started at the Public this summer and has moved to Broadway, apparently to singlehandedly revive it.

In my crowd in high school, we didn't go see Rocky Horror at the midnight movies. We went and saw Hair. I've seen that movie many times and could practically replay the entire thing in my head. The only time I have ever seen it live and in its original incarnation was at my alma mater. SJSU did a production back in the 90s, I believe. I was so struck by how different the musical actually is than the movie, it was distracting. (Sort of like Wicked: If you love the book, you will realize after 5 minutes that Wicked, the Musical! is certainly inspired by the book, but it's not trying to present the book in musical form.)

So, normally, Hair wouldn't be tops on my list of Broadway musicals I need to see.

Brantley's review makes me re-think that, what about you?

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