Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool to use Facebook, but how about more info please?

Got an email today about the next show at the Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View, William Congreve's Way of the World. The email was an invite from the show's Facebook page. It's playing May 8-31 at their Mountain View space.

I haven't seen a good Restoration comedy since I was in college probably, when I was in a production of the The Country Wife.

The Facebook page has a nice synopsis of the play, but what neither it, nor the theatre's web site, have more info...like a cast list! Or photos.

I love a cast list, personally. I want to know who I know.

In the rush to use social media tools, which can be so highly customizable and personalized, sometimes traditional web sites are stripped down before the social media site is beefed up!

Maybe they were never providing this info anywhere, but if so: We love to see cast lists, don't we?

Or is it just me?

[UPDATE: Just got a note from Ray Renati who, it turns out, actually helps Pear Avenue Theatre with their web site. He told me the following: "The site got hacked last week and I had to pull it down completely and rebuild it from scratch. I am putting up a detail page about the show and the cast today. Just FYI." Editor's comment: Yay!]

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