Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another stellar review of High Spirits, even after the fact

Chad Jones delivered some high praise indeed for 42nd St. Moon's production of High Spirits in this post:

If you happen to be in New York these days, you can pop in on the revival of Blithe Spirit and see Rupert Everett, Jayne Atkinson, Christine Ebersole and the redoubtable Angela Lansbury in the roles, and lucky you. But it’s hard to imagine that starry foursome being funnier or more charming than the 42nd Street Moon crew.

Wow, pretty nice!

I saw it last Saturday, the day before they closed, myself, and enjoyed it very much. Chad brings up the point that there's not much commercial point to reviewing it so late, but I suppose I will eventually get around to it anyway!

Disclosure: I am now on the board of 42nd Street Moon

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