Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey, I totally forgot to blog: I've joined 42nd Street Moon's Board!!

Can't believe I forgot to blog this, but last month I joined the Board of Directors of 42nd Street Moon, a very fine purveyor of "uncommon musicals" in San Francisco.

Back in the 90s I did about five shows with Moon, and they have come a long way since then. They no longer do only "staged concerts". Back in my day we held binders containing the scripts, and we just wore some nice outfit of our own as a costume. The best we really went for was that it was somewhat evocative of what kind of costume the character might wear. These days 42nd Street Moon is doing more full-fledged productions.

Why did they want me on the board? Well, they did know me from not only my acting days, but from my Worker Bees days, as I did some marketing and social media consulting for them.

They wanted to grow and diversify the board. I think I'm the only Silicon Valley type, the only entrepreneur type, the only Internetty type. They also wanted help, at a high level, re-thinking how they market and brand themselves, and how they get their word out.

One new way they're getting their word out is their Facebook fan page.

You can also check out their impending productions on Facebook. Sure you could check out the season on their web site too, but isn't it fun to check it out somewhere interactive where you could leave a little comment if you wanted too?

The next show is High Spirits (a musical version of the Noel Cowad play, Blithe Spirit.)

Gotta figure out when I'm going, because it starts previews this coming week (Thursday to be exact)! And only runs through April 12th.

Hmmm. It closes on my birthday weekend. Maybe I'll talk to the S.O. about spending the weekend in Sn Francisco!

OK, enough real-time life planning on my blog. This was big news, and I can't believe I didn't share it until now. I hope I'll see y'all at a 42nd Street moon show soon (or every 42nd Street Moon show, I should say.) Like any arts organization right now, they are feeling the pinch of the bad economy. I hope I can help them get through this with flying colors!

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