Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wow, did you hear the one about AMTSJ?

And the fact that it's closing!!!???

And all because another theatre (Theatre Under the Stars in Atlanta) totally screwed them. I mean totally. I mean, it sounds like they basically stole money from them.

Details in this Merc piece.

I was a subscriber to AMTSJ for many years. I didn't actually mind when they transitioned to doing mostly tours and contracted shows with non-locals. I thought the quality actually went up a bit when they started doing that, as sacrilegious as that might sound. We finally didn't renew our subscription a couple of years ago...after about 15 seasons.

It was mostly the fact that they started producing only "crowd pleasers"...including showing many shows I never really needed to see again, let alone every five years, which is how it felt. Shows like Music Man and South Pacific and Camelot. Yawn.

Still, I am very sorry to see such an ignominious end to a local institution.

Again: Wow.


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