Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Theatre Plans?

So, what theatre are you going to see during this holiday season?

The one confirmed show on my list is the latest offering from San Jose Rep, which is the only season subscription I have: Around the World in 80 Days. It doesn't seem particularly holiday-ish, but perhaps it qualifies simply by being very festive. I'm seeing it in a couple of weeks.

The other show I need to see and have yet to buy tix for is Plaid Tidings over at the West Valley Light Opera in Saratoga. It's a Christmas-focused sequel to Forever Plaid, and this production features a couple of guys I know. I have to get off my butt on this one, since it only plays through December 6th! (What up with that anyway?)

Finally, my buddies over at Bus Bar Theatre in Los Altos are putting on Seasons Greetings, which sounds like a wacky, holiday farce from playwright Alan Ayckbourn. It's playing through December 20th, like any good holiday show should!

What are you going to see this holiday season?

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