Thursday, August 28, 2008

What? Rufus was going to write an opera for the Met, and now he's not!?

If you are a theatre person. but not familiar with pop start Rufus Wainwright, you probably should be. He is the purveyor of a brand of expansive, theatrical pop music that should appeal to actual theatre aficianados.

I learned this morning (via the NY Times) that Rufus is working on an opera, and that it was origianally intended to debut at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. But it won't.

Why? Because they're idiots! Seriously. Rufus was raised in Montreal and was writing the opera with a French libretto. The Met insisted it should be presented in English. He didn't feel like complying.

Isn't this the same Met where they've featured operas in about 10 different languages? It's not the City Opera we're talking about here? And isn't this the same Met that has featured supertitles with English translations for decades?

What's the BFD?

Oh, because he's a pop star you hope he'll bring in "the yoots", and they might not come if it's not in English? I can only imagine that must be the Met's thinking, but my thinking would be that Rufus probably has a fairly sophisticated fan base who could handle the Frenchiness.

So, now he's taking it to some Festival in England for its debut nextyear instead.

Boo! Silly Met!

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