Sunday, June 15, 2008

Interesting theatre transplant in San Francisco: Blasted

Received info on the following limited run production in San Francisco...happening this coming week only, so if it intrigues you hop on it. Sounds like they're taking it off a normal stage and into an environmental setting to give it a new spin. This was a hit production in the UK, and I'm told half that cast has made the trip over to stage it in SF with the rest being local actors.

WHAT: Transatlantic production of Sarah Kane's Blasted by 19;29
WHEN: Premieres Thursday 19th-25th June 2008. Entry: 3pm, 5pm, 7pm & 9pm
WHO: 19;29 theatre company.
WHERE: A room at The Mosser Hotel, 54 4th Street, San Francisco Ca 94103, near Union Square.
BOX OFFICE: Tickets available from

MORE INFO: or call: 5108095852
Press Contact: Maria Garbutt-Lucero, email:, tel: 415-601-3150

A little more about it from the theatre company:

19;29 invites you to a night at The Mosser Hotel with tabloid hack Ian and epileptic Cate for a radical reassessment of Sarah Kane's seminal 1995 work Blasted.

Highly controversial in its time, Blasted has become a modern classic for its unflinching depiction of the depths of humanity and the personal impact of war.

In the cloying intimacy of a hotel suite, 19;29's transatlantic cast seek to sear Kane's dystopic vision onto the audience's consciousness. The physical immediacy of the action has a stomach churning intensity, which cannot fail to provoke thought and debate as civilization and barbarity collide before your very eyes.

Kane's social critique explores private and public despotism through domestic human conflict and the psychology of war. Blasted remains relevant and visceral thirteen years after its debut at the Royal Court, London.

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