Friday, May 02, 2008

The intersection of two interests

You know I loves me some Bernadette Peters...she's idol.

And you may know that I'm an animal really, down to the whole vegan thing.

Now, those two worlds collide as Bernadette Peters has written a book, Broadway Barks.

Actually, Broadway Barks is the charitable organization Bernadette started along with Mary Tyler Moore. And I must say both Bernadette's site and the Broadway Barks site do woefully little to promote this book, so I had trouble finding other info.

The Orlando Sentinel article above did give me info I hadn't known: That Bernadette's husband was killed three years ago in a helicopter crash! Wow.

Anyway, thank goodness for Amazon, so I can provide you the ordering info I know you want:

Cute cover, huh?


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