Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I guess the San Jose rep doesn't want my subscription?

Sometimes I really don't understand.

Almost three weeks ago now I sent in a subscription renewal for the San Jose Rep. The S.O. and I were given a mini-season for a wedding present, and we decided to renew for a full season. I sent in our form, a request to keep our same seats, and a hefty check.

Then the confusion started.

I got a call from the Assistant Box Office Manager, saying that because this season's subscription was a mini-season, we really couldn't request the same seats, so we'd have to pick new ones, and I should call him. I did, getting his voicemail and leaving a message including both my work phone and cell phone.

A week later (!) I called again, and he finally called back, trying only my work phone, and left another voicemail, saying to just call the regular box office number and anyone would be able to help me.

So, I did call the box office...where they, of course, had no idea what I was talking about and had no record of me, my order, my check. So, they dutifully took my info and said they'd check with mr. asst. box office manager and get back to me.

And still haven't.

I mean, they haven' cashed my check either, so that's good.

But my goodness, with the way theatres whine about needing more subscribers I cannot imagine how they put me in a position of having to call them what will be, I think, four times just to make them take my money.

I'm an impatient person. I'm also someone who thinks companies that give poor customer service don't deserve to have me as their customer. I'm this close to just stopping payment on the check and giving up on the whole idea.

Do I make one more attempt? Stay tuned...


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