Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Fair Lady at Foothill

I saw My Fair Lady, the inaugural production in the new Lohmann Theatre at Foothill, last weekend. It's a lovely, intimate production that packs a surprising wallop.

I still need to write my full review, but in the meantime, you can read the review at the Metro.

I totally agree with the reviewer talking about the lack of real believable dirtiness on the part of Eliza and her Covent Garden cohorts...they were a shiny sparkly bunch with a few artfully placed and quite evenly distributed smudges of dirt. I'm not sure My Fair Lady needs to get the nitty-gritty naturalistic treatment, though, so I was pretty OK despite that little quibble.

I've always had a little trouble with the interplay between an incredibly arrogant and verbally abusive Higgins and Doolittle, and especially with her coming back in the end (and the whole giving him his slippers thing...ugh!) This production doesn't necessarily eliminate that discomfort, but it certainly plays up her feistiness and transformation into not just a "lady", but a woman who has self-regard.

And no handing him slippers. Thankfully.

Have you seen it? I hear it's totally sold out at this point! except maybe on Thursday evenings.

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Amazing show!

Enjoyed it throughly. Even though the show is long, it didn't seem like it. Ensemble singing and dancing was very very strong, and the leads were all solid.

It's great to see so many people playing so many different roles in the ensemble.
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