Friday, March 07, 2008

Avenue Q is NOT a cynical show

Happy to see the Merc's entertainment blog tout the arrival of Avenue Q in S an Jose next year at AMT.

Think Karen D'Souza misses the mark a bit, though, when she says: "This is musical theater for the Jon Stewart generation. Cynicism is in. Sequins, out."

I found Avenue Q to be anything but cynical. In the end I loved this show as much as I did because I actually cared more for the hopes and dream of these puppets than I did about a lot of the characters I do in other big Broadway musical productions.

When Kate Monster sings "It's a Fine, Fine Line" to end Act 1, she's speaking for every one of us who has been in that "Is/he or isn't s/he interested in me?"'s a modern and spot-on take on unrequited like.

I agree this is not your typical musical, and that it's a musical for people who think they ahte musicals, but I would never tell you that it doesn't have a big, big heart. because I think it does.

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