Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Willows Theatre Season...tickets now on sale

Or, if I'm being honest, tickets on sale, and shows already open...given I've been a bit slow to respond to Kristopher McDowell's original email alerting me to the season being on sale.

Kristopher, who you might know from his appearances at 42nd St. Moon, is now the Executive Director of Marketing and Promotions for the Willows.

They've got two shows running:

At their main theatre in the Willows Shopping Center you'll find Jesus Christ Superstar, which opened yesterday and runs through March 2nd.

At their cabaret theatre in Martinez you'll find Nunsense 2, the Second Coming, which opened last week and runs through February 24th. Another 42nd St. Moon alum, Alexandra Kaprielian, is playing SIster Mary Amnesia.

Their site is a font of information, so if you're an East Bay-er...or just love JC Superstar or Nunsense, get on over there.


Kristopher's position has been eliminated at the Willows Theatre Co. I guess there are money problems there. The expense of operating the new Campbell Theatre is taking a toll. The Nunsense audience is kind of burned out.

Kristopher was hired to take the Company to the next level. They really aren't ready for that as long as Rich Elliot is still at the helm and wants to operate it like a community theatre company. So, they also don't need someone to be a marketing manager.
Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the update.
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