Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar Nominations announced


Johnny Depp is nominated, which looks like the only major get for Sweeney (the other noms being for Art Direction and Costumes.) Also really happy to see Hal Holbrook's nomination.

Short list of films I really want to see pre-Oscars:

For sure:
Sweeney, duh
Michael Clayton
La Vie en Rose

There Will Be Blood (I'm more intrigued by what I hear about the score by Radiohead's guitarist than I am by Daniel Day Lewis' performance)
Away From Her and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (both sound pretty depressing)
No End in Sight and Sicko (although I doubt I'll prioritize them given how few of the other films I've seen.)
Gone Baby Gone (For some reason I'm a Ben Affleck fan...must be his self-deprecating nature)

List of nominated films I just can't get interested in seeing:
Atonement (looks dull)
No Country For Old Men (sounds really violent)
Lars and the Real Girl (looks ridiculous)

No noms for the other big musical release of the year, Hairspray, which I just watched Sunday night on DVD. My full review is coming, but let's just say that, while harmless, I'm certainly not at all surprised to see it blanked at the Oscars.

Any big surprises on the list for you?


I thought Juno was a pretty good movie but also overrated. Ratatouille is a very good movie. Visually beautiful and definitely the best of this year's animated movies.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was very depressing but the camera techniques and the nuanced storytelling was really good.
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