Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Taye Diggs teaching dance in this for reals?

OK, I got the following email. I'm not sure i've gone into it here, but I am a bit of a Taye Diggs fan. Often calling him my other, other boyfriend (Seal being my first boyfriend and Johnny Depp being my second.)

Today I got this email from the parent of a kid in theatre (who I'm not sure I actually know):
I wanted to let you know that xx' (The artist formerly known as "xx" from xx) dance studio, "The Dance Zone" will be hosting a Master Dance Workshop with Taye Diggs, star of Private Practice.

Here are the details:

February 24th between 1pm and 5:00pm
Campbell Community Center

1.5 hour Hip Hop Class
1.5 hour Contemporary Jazz Class

$40 for one class
$60 for both classes
$20 to observe the classes and meet Taye

The classes will be geared to the advanced dancer.

If you are interested in participating in the dance classes or in being an observer let me know and I can arrange to get you tickets. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now!


Jane Doe
(408) xxx-xxxx-cell

Am I the victim of a prank or what? Yes, I know Taye was a song and dance guy (in the original casts of Rent and The Wild Party, and in the movie Chicago.) And I did find a dance studio called The Dance Zone in West San Jose. But there's no mention of this auspicious event, and what would bring Taye...currently co-starring in a hit primetime series, to San Jose?

Well, there is the writer's strike I guess.

Still, can it be for real, this arrival of Taye Diggs, like manna from heaven, to dispense dancing wisdom upon us?

Who has more scoopage? I am in serious need of scoopage. And perhaps a laminated card a la Friends, so my S.O. (now my husband) will give me a free pass for Taye. (I'm sure Idina won't mind, right?)


Yes this is for real. Call The Dance Zone to sign up for the workshop. Spaces are filling up fast!
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