Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More on the Sweeney Debate: Will the non-musical trailers piss off moviegoers?

Check out the passionate comment thread on this post at the Entertainment Weekly blog.

I've brought up the same apprehension: that the lack of music in the movie trailers for Sweeney Todd may mean that some movie goers are taken by surprise by just how musical the movie is. and that they won't like being misled.

Of course some of the commenters think that assumes that moviegoers are culturally illiterate folk who not only are unaware of Sweeney Todd, but don't research their movie selections online before they head out. Yeah? So? :)

I really hate the commenters who contend that Sondheim's score is "unmelodic". So not true. That score if full of soaring heart-breaking melodies!!!

Well, we're a mere week away from the film's opening. Color me excited.

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