Thursday, November 01, 2007

Young Frankenstein on the Today Show

Did anyone else see the three numbers from the new musical Young Frankenstein on the Today Show on Wednesday and think...meh?

I was only watching because our friend was a finalist in the cutest dog costume contest. Catching the sneak preview of Frankenstein was a bonus.

But the three numbers were all just gimmicky uptempos without much to distinguish them from a cheesy musical revue one might see written by some local aspiring composer.

I was left with no desire to see the show. And earlier this year when it was previewing in Seattle I actually thought of going up there to see it.

I like Sutton Foster; I like Roger Bart; I love the movie; and I thought the musical adaptation of The Producers was really well done.

Wednesday's performances left me cold.

Anyone else see it?

What did you think?


I saw that it was going to be on and taped it. When I got home and watched the "Roll-in the hay" was pretty cheesy.

It's Mel Brooks, so it'll be funny...and the whole creative team from the Musical Producers is on board for this show...I guess it comes down to the very very VERY thin line between cheesy-dumb, and hilarious genius in musical comedies.
A little time has passed since you posted, but I saw this show in Seattle, and believe me, it's fantastic. We see all of the shows that come through, and this was a standout for sure. Very funny, but also technically, the most brilliant I have ever seen. The movie itself is very Mel Brooks, as is this show, so the "cheesy" you see is the common thread of Mel's humor. I have to recommend this show very highly.
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