Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2nd Sweeney Todd trailer: Look, Ma! No Musical!

OK, the first Sweeney trailer had but a smidge of singing (from "Epiphany".) this trailer has exactly NO singing. It's not that I think the trailers are bad. It's not that I think that people who might go to see a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration a la Sleepy Hollow have no chance of liking Sweeney. I'm just a tad concerned that completely obfuscating the fact that it's not only a musical, but a nearly sung-thru musical, might, well, set the wrong expectations. And you know unhappiness is all about unmet expectations. What do you think?

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Makes me wonder if Burton and Co. edited out some of the songs for this adaptation. What if Sweeney wasn't mostly sung-through anymore? Would it still be Sweeney?
Good question. Of course the musical itself was based on an old melodrama play.

I would be sorely disappointed if much of the music was edited out. And at some point they should bill it as "inspired by" if too much music goes...just to set the right expectations for people like me!
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