Sunday, September 02, 2007

Two shows I want to see now

I've been feeling a bit of theatre ennui. I really haven't felt excited to see anything, except for shows my friends are appearing in. And it even seems like some of my stalwart theatre friends aren't as active as they once were in theatre. but there are two shows I'm eyeing and that I want to make the effort to buy tickets and see.

I definitely want to see the John Doyle Sweeney Todd currently kicking off its National Tour by hitting ACT. I just got a little taken by surprise and didn't realize it's, like, now! It opened Thursday and runs through the end of the month.

So, I know it's only been playing all of three days, but has anyone seen it yet?

The other is Emma, currently playing at TheatreWorks. It's gotten pretty good reviews, and I do like Jane Austen. It closes even earlier than Sweeney, so I better get on it.

So, reviews? Anyone?

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OK, I'm understudying in Emma, but I wouldn't say anything I didn't believe. I've seen the show a lot of times now, and I've grown very fond of it. Best of all, despite the dozen or so times I've seen it, it's not getting old. I'm still laughing at the jokes, and still get a little verklempt in the right places. It's really a lovely show.

Audience reaction has been very positive, as well, and the theater is full or almost full every night. Five or six performances have been added after the original closing date of 9/16. You can probably still get a decent seat in the extension week.
I heard that Sweeney - in the words of a friend, "freaking AWESOME". I got my tickets for September 30th - Sunday matinee.
While I do and always will love the epic "largeness" of the original, this intimate interpretation is so creative! It really draws you in, and is sooooooo creepy. I loved it!
That comment was for Sweeney, btw, not Emma. =)
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