Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The verdicts are in for the new production of Grease...

...and it ain't pretty.

You can start with the NY Times review:
"The effect is rather like one of those makeover shows in which everyday people are dressed and groomed to resemble red-carpet regulars and wind up looking like game but uneasy impostors."

but NewYorkology has compiled an entire list of bad reviews to choose from.

The scorn isn't reserved only for the two leads...chosen via reality TV talent show earlier this year. Just about everything about this show is not up to snuff, apparently.

I watched the show where the two leads were chosen, and they waited until the very end of the show to bring out the other, already cast, cast members on stage with the new Danny and Sandy.

At that moment you knew the show would be bad. Those other "kids" looked like your typical musical performers (includingbit being anywhere close to high school age) while the two competition winners looked like the slightly bewildered teenagers they actually were. Together? It looked like one strange mess.

And the reviews seemed to indicate it remained so!

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