Saturday, August 18, 2007

My review of Foothill Music Theatre's Carousel

I saw Carousel last weekend, but only had the time to sit down and record my thoughts just now...sorry about the delay, especially given the show closes this weekend.

The review is here over at my personal blog, where I do all my reviewing.

And I will give you the same warning about bias with which I kick off the review:

Bias to the positive: I know the two leads and the director, and am inclined to like them and their work.

Bias to the negative: Carousel is on my list of "shows I never have to see again", and truth be told I saw this precisely because of bias to the positive listed above. Moreover, I'm not even a Rodgers & Hammerstein fan in general. They have two other shows on my aforementioned "never have to see again" list. [Sound of Music and South Pacific, if you must know.] Oklahoma! is my favorite R&H, but I'm not sure it would even make my top ten list.

Meanwhile there are plenty of people who think Carousel is one of the greatest musicals of all time. I could say "what do they know?" And they could say the same about me!

There is no accounting for taste, and you should bear that in mind when reading my review which, to be honest, rambles on a lot more about the show itself than about this production. (A pet peeve of a least one friend of mine...who hates when reviewers do that.)

Caveat Lector :)

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I had been wondering when you were seeing the show. Because I'm obsessed with reading people's opinions of the shows I'm in, regardless of whether or not they mention me. Speaking of which, thanks for the nice mention!
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