Monday, June 11, 2007

Did you watch the Tony's?

As you can imagine, I was somewhat pleased by Spring Awakening's dominance at the Tony Awards last night! But poor Jonathan Groff...was he the only nominated SA person who didn't win?

The Spring Awakening cast was live blogging the entire Tony's experience, albeit with whatever awkward non-bloggy platform their site uses. Complete with blurry cell phone pictures. Gotta love modern technology :)

Other random thoughts:

-Did anyone else find the naked-fig-leaf-statue-guy dancing with the little boy in the Mary Poppins number kind of creepy?

-And did anyone else wonder why chimney sweeps would have sparkly clothing?

-They stuck those poor presenters with college lectures about theatre arts, didn't they? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

-Fantasia? She is just amazing, isn't she? She really was the only part of last night that hit me emotionally. She has so much passion when she sings, and so much connection. I have no idea if she can act during the book scenes, but I know she must act the hell out of every moment she's singing.

-Has David Hyde Pierce always been out? I mean actually out, not everyone just assuming he's out. He gave a charming speech, I must say. But Curtains looked a bit dreary to me.

-Why did Karen Ziemba never become a big, huge Broadway star? I have always loved her, but I don't think she's gotten the roles she deserves.

-Billy Crudup....rowwwrrrr

-There was something kind of mean about John Mahoney and Jane Krakowski mocking those ATWW folks, wasn't there? I didn't really find it too funny, considering the real folks were behind the chandelier listening to everyone laughing at a parody of them.

-Is this Audra McDonald's first Tony loss? I think she may have been four for four before last night. She's a fantastic star...

-Having a host would be way better than having those weird pre-commercial "teasers."

All in all I thought the show was one of the worst-produced Tony Awards I had seen in a while. The presenter "banter" was so very tedious and patronizing.

What did y'all think?


Audra is now 4 for 6

with 2 loses for 110 in the Shade and Marie Christine (lost to Heather Headly of Aida)
Ah, right!!

Thanks anonymous, I forgot al about Marie Christine. Which would be easy to do since it ran so very very briefly.
David Hyde Pierce only recently came out (like within the past two weeks). His stance before was "my life is an open book, I just don't think anyone wants to hear me read from it."

I loved the number from Curtains, but then, I also loved the show. It's a bit old-fashioned, but so am I, apparently.
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