Friday, June 29, 2007

Cool site with archived video performances

got an email from esteemed Foothill Music Theatre artistic director and all-around theatre guru Jay Manley. asked me if I knew a site called BlueGobo. I was chagrined to admit that I, the online diva, had no idea of BlueGobo's existence!

BlueGobo is: "an archive of musical theatre performances on video. Browse the archive categorized by show title and discover clips from the 1950s to today."

I'm sure you can imagine that you could spend hours browsing its archives.

In this case he sent me a video of Lisa Kirk singing "The Gentleman is a Dope" from Allegro on the Ed Sullivan Show. That's the role I played and the song I sung when Jay directed me in Allegro, now over ten years ago...yikes!

Check it out:

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