Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hair needs a Hud

Got an email today from a local theatre director looking for one good man:

Jon Rosen is directing a production of Hair at the Theatre on San Pedro Square

And although he's had a good turn-out for auditions, he still is looking for a Hud.

The description of the character from their web site:
Hud – male, black, baritone
The "in-your-face" African-American tribe member, more into play than politics, but definitely aware.

You can read more about their castingprocess on Jon's blog...he's definitely taking his blogging seriously, check it out here.

More audition and production info is here.

You can contact Jon at if you're interested or have a suggestion.

Meanwhile check out this info:

Apparently Broadway By The Bay's Showboat has only ONE black man in the cast (the Joe.) Even more amazing: Chabot College is doing Ragtime with only TWO black men in their show. One is Coalhouse, and I can only guess that the second must be Booker T. Washington. Meanwhile I seem to recall Foothill having a full complement of black actors for their productions of the same shows, and Broadway by the Bay did Ragtime itself recently too. So where'd you go guys? Why couldn't these theatres find you?

I'm actually seeing Showboat on Saturday because one of my friends is playing Magnolia (Ms. Susan Powers.) I will see it with my own eyes, I guess.

Bottom line: If you or someone you know wants to play a hot and hunky member of the Hair tribe, sing some awesome music and get nekkid (OK, I think that part is optional and up to each actor's feelings "in the moment") then email Jon and go for it!

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