Friday, April 06, 2007

42nd St. Moon Alum out in the world: Robin Steeves

Robin Steeves is tackling the leading role of Amalia in She Loves Me for the next few weeks, at Masquers Playhouse in Point Richmond. The show is double-cast, so the production has opened with alternate Amalia, Jacqueline Anderson, in the role. And Robin gets to open her rendition of Amalia this weekend.

{Side note: Barbara Cook opened as Amalia in this little bon bon of a musical back in 1963.]

Robin Steeves will play the role of Amalia on the following dates:

April 5 to 7,
April 13 to 15,
April 19 to 22,
and closing weekend May 10 to 12.

Jacqueline Anderson will be in the role the weekends of April 26 to 29, and May 3 to 6.

More info is at the website,, and you can make your reservations at 510.232.4031.

The rest of the cast includes:
Coley Grundman as Georg,
Alex Schaffer as Sipos,
Alison Peltz as Ilona,
DC Scarpelli as Kodaly,
Peter Budinger as Arpad,
Larry Schrupp as Mr. Maraczek,
Robert Love as the waiter,
Mary Kidwell, Nancy Benson, Stuart Rosenthal, Hattie
Mulluly and Tom Accelotta are the ensemble.

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