Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Foothill summer casting update

Just heard that the two leads for this summer's production of Carousel are:

Julie Jordan will be played by Mary Melnick.

Billy Bigelow will be played by CJ Blankenship.

I actually first met Cj because he played opposite Mary in a production of Once Upon a Mattress (she was Larken, he was Harry.)

This was many, many years ago. maybe even a decade ago...yikes!!

I can tell you right now that those wonderful R&H songs are going to be in the hands (or vocal cords) of two very fine singers!!

Congrats Mary and CJ.

I suppose there's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion...

Michael Rhone will be playing Enoch Snow.

And as long as I'm here...

Katie Blodgett will be Carrie.
Ruth E. Stein (formerly Mullins) will be Nettie.
Hank Lawson will be Jigger
Sarah Blodgett will be Louise
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