Thursday, January 25, 2007

New, more accurate name

You might notice that I altered the name of this blog from being solely about Foothill Music Theatre to being more generally about theatre in this area and beyond.

Foothill has hired me for the past 3 summers to do online marketing for their summer production, including this blog. In between summers, though, I'm on my own. I still enjoy periodically posting about theatre, and I particularly enjoy providing a place for local actors to plug away! But it's never really been consistently and exclusively about Foothill. More than that I am not positive I'll be able to commit to doing that annual work anymore, should the ask me, due to my BlogHer commitments.

Now a couple of years ago I solicited the departing Foothill summer cast to see if anyone wanted to co-author this blog and keep it up with Foothill info. No one bit, so I just sporadically solider on. And that sporadicity (?) sporadicism (?) sporadicness (?) shouldn't reflect on Foothill...which it kinda does when their name is on it.

So, that's the story behind the name change.

Move along, nothing to see here :)

Well, I guess the name is more accurate, and that's good. Still, I keep hoping to see tidbits from Pippin, since I'm laying out after being in three consecutive Foothill shows. I guess that cast isn't very "bloggy".
It's not that they're not bloggy. It's that Foothill doesn't hire me for the winter show, since it's a much smaller house and budget, so the winter cast doesn't get the whole spiel from me, nor the nudging emails. They kinda have to know I'm here. I would totally post anything that was sent my way, just for fun, but someone has to tell them about it...and the truth is this blog is not top of Foothill staff's mind :)
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